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Celebrating 85 years of an iconic Maltese brand - Three Hills Brand
The year, 2019, marks the 85th anniversary of Three Hills Brand Kunserva! This much-loved Maltese delicacy started way back in 1934, in Gozo, and till today it is still being produced according to the same original Gozitan recipe. The story all started by a humble businessman from Xewkija, Ganni Magro, who began his career as a general provision merchant in 1916. In the twenties, Gianni’s three male sons, who by then had joined the firm with their father to form Magro Brothers, ventured into yet another field that would eventually become the firm’s main business activity to present times; they started to contract and purchase tomatoes from Gozitan farmers. This pulpy fruit was already used in the local kitchen during the summer months when the crop was at its best, but it was not cultivated commercially. By 1934, the three Magro brothers had completely taken over the business from their father and established themselves as leading general merchants and food distributors in Gozo. The Magro Brothers decided to start processing tomatoes to produce Kunserva, tomato-paste – a totally new venture for their firm. In 1934, the first Kunserva production was canned in containers with a capacity of five and a half pounds (5 pounds 8 ounces), equivalent to around 3 kgs. Grocers would then sell the Kunserva by weight and roll it in a grease-proof paper. The Three Hills Brand was an immediate success and it was destined to become, in a few years’ time, a household name in Gozo, in Malta, and even abroad. The ingredients used are all natural and its exceptional taste comes from the Maltese summer grown juicy tomatoes and the well-guarded, secret recipe and formulation created by the Magro family. Kunserva is used widely in the Maltese kitchen. Nothing tastes as delicious as hard-crust Maltese bread spread with Kunserva, or ravjul biz-zalza (ricotta-filled ravioli with a Kunserva and garlic sauce), not to mention the traditional culinary dishes such as stuffat tal-fenek, laham jew qarnit (rabbit, meat or octopus stews), soppa ta’ l-armla (widow‘s soup), imqarrun- il forn (baked macaroni) and most pasta sauces! The addition of Kunserva to our dishes simply gives the dishes the signature of Maltese flavours! Today, the traditional Kunserva is available in 200g and 400g metal cans as well as for the catering sector. Kunserva is produced as well in glass jars and convenient squeezy tubes. Today’s lifestyle demands a more health-conscious diet. In response Three Hills Kunserva can be enjoyed with no added salt and with 30% Less Sugar added. For the adventurous ones, one can also try Kunserva with added tastes including mint and onion, basil and garlic or the pungent version; the Kunserva Pikkanti. From 1934 till today, 85 years on, Three Hills Brand Kunserva is still very much “Fil-Qalb tal-Maltin” and will continue to be one of Malta’s staple kitchen ingredient!    
The Annual Christmas Staff Party 2018
 This year's annual Magro Christmas gathering was held on Saturday 15th December at Hotel Ta' Cenc in Sannat. All Magro Group employees celebrated this festive season together with good food, company and nice atmosphere.                      
Launching of Tan-Nar Brand
“Tan-Nar” is a new local cheese brand which has just been introduced to the market by Farm Fresh Ltd, a Magro Brothers company. The launching activity took place at 'Tal-Massar' Winery, a craft wine maker on the outskirts of the village of Gharb in Gozo. Chairman of Magro Brothers' Group, Mr John Magro gave a presentation outlining the four flavours of 'Tan-Nar Cheese' which will be available in local shops in the coming weeks. Also, present for the activity was distinguished chef Shaun Smith Roberts, who is currently head chef at Ta’ Frenc Restaurant. He hosted a tasting session where he paired some of the wines from the local estate with the four different kinds of Tan-Nar cheese whilst describing the characteristics of each individual cheese and how they complement the full-bodied textures of the wines that were present. Attending the activity were representatives from M&Z Marketing - the distributors for the product.   Tan-Nar cheese, is a semi-hard artisan Maltese cheese boasting centuries of cheese-making heritage and skill. It matures at a slower rate than the Maltese Gbejna or Gibniet and its characteristic taste peaks after aging for sixteen weeks and remains relatively stable for considerable time.   Using time-tested methodologies acquired from the recipe books of our forefathers combined with the latest technology and best-practice standards in dairy production, Farm Fresh Ltd aims to re-introduce this once greatly-loved cheese back into the Maltese market.   Tan-Nar is a cheese that is based on a production process that existed commonly throughout the Maltese islands for hundreds of years up till the turn of the twentieth century. Many towns used to have their very own “Mahzen tan-nar”, which would specialize in crafted cheese production through heat processes. In those days, households did not have electricity or gas supply and cooking was carried out over stone stoves filled with wood, or coal in the case of wealthier families. Either way, fueling a largescale open flame was a laborious task! When herdsmen had excess milk, they took the fresh milk to these warehouses to turn it into cheese, which could be kept for longer periods of time. Tan-Nar cheese was made from a combination of two or three sources of milk, depending on the composition of the flock. The technique to make the cheese was a delicate process with each Mahzen’s master craftsman having their own secret recipe and craft technique. This created a very competitive market among the craftsmen and herdsmen – all contesting for the best tasting cheese on the island! Under British rule, all trade dealing with fresh milk became illegal in a bid to curb the spread of undulant fever “deni rqiq”. This brought about the immediate closure of all cheese warehouses and quickly wiped out most of the cheese making culture that had developed so profusely over the years. With the introduction of Tan-Nar brand, Farm Fresh intends to reignite the passion for local cheese making and pick up where our ancestors left off. They still follow the same traditional recipes and craft methods whilst using modern technology to guarantee food safety to the end consumer. The current lineup consists of 4 traditionally-inspired flavours; plain, peppered, cumin and fennel. The product will be hitting supermarket shelves in the coming weeks. For more info please follow Tan-Nar Brand on Facebook:                
Magro Brothers at SIAL, Paris
Magro Brothers are currently participating in bi-annual international food fair in Paris. It is a place where one can discover products from all over the world, the latest culinary trends. For this year's marked dates 21–25 October 2018, SIAL Paris will be the largest international marketplace for food service professionals seeking inspiration. Magro Brother's stand is Hall 5B J074.                                  
MEP Roberta Metsola Visits the Magro Food Village
It was our pleasure welcoming Member of Parliament Dr Robera Metsola at the Magro Food Village in Xewkija. Dr Metsola was shown around the premises including Savina Creations, Farm Fresh and Magro premises.          
MEP Dr Miriam Dalli Visits the Magro Food Village
Member of Parlament Dr. Miriam Dalli paid an official visit at The Magro Food Village in Xewkija, Gozo. Mr Christian Magro welcomed Dr Dalli and showed her around the various factories and workshops. Dr Dalli met a number of employees from the various divisions of the company.          
End of Tomato Season BBQ
The Directors of Magro Brothers closed this year's season 2018 with a grand BBQ offered to all the staff and their families from Malta and Gozo. The event took place at the Magro premises on Saturday 1st September and started with a mass. The mass was followed by the opening of various entertainment activities which included a bouncing castle, a children's water slide and many more. All guests, over 300, were entertained to music, lavish food buffet and drinks. The social gathering ended with a grand raffle for all those present.              
Welcome baby Lucia
The Magro family is happy to announce the arrival of baby Lucia! Joanna gave birth to Lucia on Friday 24th August 2018. Both mother and baby are in good health. CONGRATULATIONS to the Mercieca and the Magro Family!    Toni and Joanna - the new parents
Introducing Pintos Pride Indian Cooking Sauces
Do you crave the taste of the orient?   Pinto’s Pride Brand is introducing a new range of Indian ready-made cooking sauces. Freshly made, convenient, and super easy to prepare! Simply stir fry some pieces of chicken or meat and add the vegetables of your choice in a little oil for three minutes. Add a jar of Pinto's Indian sauce of your choice and simmer until chicken or meat is cooked through. Simply serve with basmati rice. Three different flavors to choose from including Tikka Masala, Korma and Curry Sauce. Outstanding cuisine, ready in minutes!      
Pinto Italian Cooking Sauces Launch
Do you fancy a classic Italian pasta dish?   Pinto’s Pride Brand is introducing a new range of Italian ready-made cooking sauces. Freshly made, convenient, and super easy to prepare! Simply warm contents of jar over a low flame, stirring occasionally, until hot. Pour over freshly cooked pasta. Pinto's pride range of Italian sauces are ideal to be served with penne or fusilli. Three different flavors to choose from including Basil & Garlic, Spicy Arrabiata and Napoletana (onion & carrot). Outstanding cuisine, ready in minutes!    
Hanini Fresh Cheeselets now with EXTRA CALCIUM
Hanini Fresh Cheeselets are now available in the local market with ADDED CALCIUM!   Calcium, the most abundant mineral in the body, is essential to build and maintain strong bones and teeth both for adults and especially children. Each of these special Hanini cheeselets contain more than 250mg of calcium, equivalent to 30% of the daily recommended intake. The recommended daily allowance for calcium is 800mg. Fortunately, the addition of calcium enriches the great taste and firmness of the traditional Gozitan cheeselets.   Conveniently packed in packs of 2 cheeselets, these new cheeselets can be easily spotted from their brown colored sleeve.   Hanini Gibniet are produced from pasteurized milk and are gluten free! Enjoy a Gibna with your salad today!   Hanini Fresh Cheeselets with Added Calcium Pack    
Tomato Season 2018
The heat is on and as the tomatoes grow plump and juicy, the machinery and factory at Magro Brothers is busy awaiting the first truckloads of tomatoes to arrive! It is an exciting time - over a hundred and fifty employees are involved in one way or another to commence the harvesting season. Paperwork, maintenance on various, glimmering, stainless steel machinery is in check, trucks and tents are set up to welcome and weigh the red fruits and visits to local farmers ensures that the plants meet the strict quality control adhered to by the company. The factory will now be operating around the clock with rivers of tomatoes making their way to their appropriate cans - some will be chopped into pulp chunks, others made into juice and sauces and yet others will be used in the production of Malta's favorite brand - Three Hills Kunserva! Magro Brothers invite you to join them during this special time. Factory tours are available, whereby qualified tour guides will give demonstrations of the entire tomato process - a tour which will be enjoyed by young and old alike. Booking in advance is highly recommended. To book your tour please contact us on Freephone 8007 5533 or email us on                  
Lactose Free Cheeselets - (Gibniet)
Farm Fresh Limited proudly introduces Hanini's Fresh Cheeselets Lactose Free.   Lactose is a type of sugar found in milk. Some people and is difficult to digest lactose. To produce Hanini’s Lactose Free* Gibniet, an enzyme is added to the milk during the production process that breaks Lactose into other simpler sugars which can be digested by lactose intolerant people. Fortunately this process does not effect the great taste of the traditional Gozitan cheeselets.   Hanini's Gibniet (singular Gibna) are conveniently packed in packs of two cheeselets. Enjoy!    
Preparations for the tomato season
Our dedicated farmers are very busy taking care of their fields and tomato plants. The photos below show the preparation of the open fields and the gradual scenario from sowing to planting. All in preparation for the tomato processing during July and August.        Plants ready for transplanting   Field preparation    Field preparation    Growing plants     Growing plants     Growing plants     Growing plants                
Ethiopian Delegation at The Magro Food Village
A delegation led by His Excellency Dr. Aklilu Hailemichael, State Minister for Business and Diaspora Affairs within the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The Minister was accompanied by H.E. The Ambassador Zenebu Tadasse, other Embassy officials and the members of the Ethiopian press. The delegation was organized by Mr. Anton Buttigieg CEO of Trade Malta and H.E. Ronald Micallef Non-Resident Ambassador to Ethiopia and African Union. Mr Magro and Trading team has welcomed the delegation at our premises, and explored trading opportunities between our firm and Ethiopia. We will surely follow up this visit to establish business contacts in Ethiopia and expressed our interest to visit the country in the near future.                      
Magro Brothers participates at Gulfood Food Fair, Dubai 2018
Magro Brothers is currently participating in the Gulfood Exhibition which is taking place in Dubai. This is the 2nd time our company is taking part in this exhibition. Gulfood is the world’s largest annual food & beverage exhibition, welcoming professionals from all corners of the globe to meet for 5 days of business. Over 4000 exhibitors took part this year; each provide a showcase of tastes, trends and innovations that are shaping the future of food and beverage consumption worldwide. Magro's Brothers Stand is situated at Sheikh Saeed Hall Stand S-K37.                
New Brand for the Magro Group
The Magro Group proudly presents the latest addition to their brand portfolio, Divini. Divini embraces the cooking concepts that have traditionally shaped the Maltese household’s menu. The brand is all about bringing wholesome, genuine products to the tables of the general public through presence in retail outlets across the Maltese islands. Handmade in Gozo from fresh ingredients and traditional recipes, yet supplied in ultra-modern high convenience packaging, Divini products are a wonderful fusion of the old and the new. Our first product which has successfully been launched to market is Ravjul (Ravioli) which comes in two varieties – Irkotta and Irkotta with Parsley. The bag also comes with 2 separate pouches of traditional tomato and garlic sauce (Zalza tal-Kunserva) which are conveniently portioned and packed in “boil-in bags”. Simply prepare a pot of boiling water and have yourself a delightful meal ready in just a few minutes!    
Farmers Meetings 2017
 The Hon. Parliamentary Secretary Clint Camilleri met farmers who cultivate and deliver tomatoes for processing to Magro Brothers. Mr Christian Magro, the newly elected CEO of Magro Brothers, Directors and high officials from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights, were among the speakers who together with Hon. Camilleri addressed both meetings in Malta and Gozo. The meetings were fruitful and beneficial to all parties concerned in this important sector for the Maltese islands and constructive discussions were held during the both well attended meetings.    Malta Meeting   Malta Meeting     Gozo Meeting    Gozo Meeting  
Magro Brothers Christmas Staff Party 2017
At the end of each year as always, Magro Brothers celebrated Christmas and the New Year with a delicious dinner party for which all employees of the Magro Group attended. The management and families of all employees were invited. The event was held on Thursday 21st December at Calypso Hotel in Marsalforn. Children were entertained by their favorite cartoon figures and many other activities. Father Christmas distributed gifts to the delight of all, especially the young ones. The many families present together with the directors and management and their families looked like one big family gathered together.               
A new CEO for Magro Brothers
Magro Brothers of Gozo have appointed Mr. Christian Magro as the new CEO for their business operations. Christian is the eldest of the 4 th generation of the Magro family. He was born on the 22nd June 1979 and completed his studies in 2002 with a degree in B.Com (Hons) for Public & Private Sector Management. Christian was always keen on the family business and during his childhood he spent most of his free time and holidays at the factory. On completion of his studies, he joined the company and slowly worked his way up. In December 2011 Christian joined the Board of Directors and 2 years later was appointed General Manager of Magro Brothers (Foods) Ltd. Christian is married to Charmaine and they have two children Mikela and Marta. Christian has a younger brother and sister; Nicholas and Joanna, who are both involved in the family business. John Magro is to remain chairman of the board of directors and his brother Michael is to remain a director.   Mr Christian Magro   Xewkija Premises (credit to Daniel Cilia)    
Manager of the Year Award
Magro Brothers Group would like to congratulate Victor John Curmi, an employee within our company, who yesterday was awarded with the Manager of the Year award, which event was hosted by the Ministry of Social Dialogue. Victor joined the company, Magro Brothers (Foods) Limited on 6th March 1989. He has been in employment with the company for the last 29 years, where his career progression has continued to develop and evolve. Victor is of a strong character, loyal, honest, responsible and respectful to his superiors, colleagues and the company. Putting all these personal characteristics together with others such as being a result-oriented, multi-tasking, flexible and knowledgeable person, has made him advance within the organization. Putting all the personal attributes together showed that he had qualities of leadership, management, ability to handle conflicts in difficult situations, a goal for perfection and was result-oriented. In fact today he occupies the role of Quality and Technical Executive. Once again the management and employees of Magro Brothers would like to thank and augur Mr Curmi for this honour and for his contribution towards the company’s success.   Mr Curmi addressing people during ceremony