Manager of the Year Award
Magro Brothers Group would like to congratulate Victor John Curmi, an employee within our company, who yesterday was awarded with the Manager of the Year award, which event was hosted by the Ministry of Social Dialogue.

Victor joined the company, Magro Brothers (Foods) Limited on 6th March 1989. He has been in employment with the company for the last 29 years, where his career progression has continued to develop and evolve. Victor is of a strong character, loyal, honest, responsible and respectful to his superiors, colleagues and the company. Putting all these personal characteristics together with others such as being a result-oriented, multi-tasking, flexible and knowledgeable person, has made him advance within the organization. Putting all the personal attributes together showed that he had qualities of leadership, management, ability to handle conflicts in difficult situations, a goal for perfection and was result-oriented. In fact today he occupies the role of Quality and Technical Executive.

Once again the management and employees of Magro Brothers would like to thank and augur Mr Curmi for this honour and for his contribution towards the company’s success.

Mr Curmi addressing people during ceremony