A new CEO for Magro Brothers

Magro Brothers of Gozo have appointed Mr. Christian Magro as the new CEO for their business operations.

Christian is the eldest of the 4th generation of the Magro family. He was born on the 22nd June 1979 and completed his studies in 2002 with a degree in B.Com (Hons) for Public & Private Sector Management.

Christian was always keen on the family business and during his childhood he spent most of his free time and holidays at the factory.

On completion of his studies, he joined the company and slowly worked his way up. In December 2011 Christian joined the Board of Directors and 2 years later was appointed General Manager of Magro Brothers (Foods) Ltd.

Christian is married to Charmaine and they have two children Mikela and Marta. Christian has a younger brother and sister; Nicholas and Joanna, who are both involved in the family business.

John Magro is to remain chairman of the board of directors and his brother Michael is to remain a director.

Mr Christian Magro
Xewkija Premises
(credit to Daniel Cilia)