Winning Recipe 2007
Three Hills Brand would like to thank all thier clients whoe partecipated for the draw associated with the Three Hills Brand.
For this competition, hundreds of customers submitted their entries where the originality of use of Three Hills Tomato Paste in their recipes featured prominantly. The winner was entitled for a traditional Maltese guilded clock.

Ms. Pullicino from Tarxien won this prestegious price.

Be on the look out for more promotions from Three Hills Brand soon!

The Winning Recipe

Fenek bl-Anisette

Fenek imqatta
3 dadi tat-Tigieg
4 sinniet tewm
Grokk Anisette
Tazza inbid ahmar
Mgharfa Worchester Sauce
¼ Passolina
500g Pizelli Mayor
250g Kunserva Three Hills
2 mgharef zokkor
Mgharfa curry
¼ kuccarina spice
5 werqiet randa
Zejt, margarine, bzar u melh kemm tiggosta


Go ftit zejt u ¼ ta’ paketta margarine, 3 werqit randa u 4 sinniet tewm aqli l-fenek diga mqatta sakemm dan jihmar sewwa. Imbghad zid tazza inbid ahmar u grokk anisette. Sajjar ghal xi 10 minuti. Nehhi l-fenek minn fuq in-nar u hallieh mghotti.

Sa dan it-tant, aqli l-basal fi ftit zejt u ftit butir sakemm jihmar. Zid -il 250g kunserva tat-Three Hills, zewg imgharef zokkor, ftit melh u bzar u hawwad. Zid bil-mod l-ilma. Itfa’ mgharfa curry, ¼ kuccarina spice, 3 dadi tat-tigieg, ¼ passolina, 2 werqiet randa, tazza inbid u l-Worchester sauce.

Mate tara li l-curry sauce sar, hallat il-fenek biz-zalza tieghu flimkien u hallieh itektek sakemm tara li l-fenek sar sew fuq nar baxx ghal xi 3 kwarti. Kwarta qabel isir il-fenek zid il-pizelli.

Ikkomplimenta b’ paptat moqlija jew il-forn u xi haxix mgholli.


Rabbit with Aniseed Liqueur

1 Rabbit cut in pieces
3 chicken cubes
4 garlic
1 shot Aniseed Liqueur
1 pint red wine
1 spoon Worchester Sauce
¼ Sultanas
500g Mayor Peas
250g Three Hills Tomato Paste
2 spoons sugar
1 table spoon Curry
¼ spoon Mixed Spice
5 Bay Leaves
Salt & Pepper

Heat the oil, add 200g Margarine, 3 bay laves, 4 garlic slices and stir occasionally. Add the rabbit and cook, turning frequently, until browned all over. Add a glass of red wine and a shot of Aniseed liqueur. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes turning occasionally. Transfer the rabbit to a warm serving dish and keep it covered.

In the meantime, fry the onions in some oil and butter. Add 250g Three Hills Kunserva, 2 spoons sugar, pepper & salt as preferred and stir. Add some water gently through the process. Add the curry, mixed spices, 3 chicken cubes, sultanas, bay leaves, a glass of red wine and 1 spoon Worchester Sauce.

As soon as the curry sauce is ready, add the fried rabbit including its sauce and simmer on low flame for around 45 minutes. 15 minutes before the meal is ready, add the Peas.

This meal can be accompanied with potato chips or baked potato and salad.