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/ Our Commitment/ Our Contribution to the Environment

Helping to make a difference...

In our continuous efforts to manage environmental risks and liabilities, we strive to make our aims transparent by marketing them, set realistic targets that actually work and measure our progress both internally and externally by constant supervision.

We strongly believe that Going Green is beneficial for both our business and the end consumer. As part of our everyday work we want to create positive forces that bring real benefits to the society at large. To that end we keep our customers and their needs in mind at all times whilst staying focused on what is achievable.

The following on-going projects are being closely monitored in our plant:

        • reduction of production of carbon dioxide

        • reduction of the production of waste

        • increased recycling of water

        • reduction of distances travelled

Reduction of production of carbon dioxide

Keeping our machinery up to date and technically sound helps improve lower our manufacturing energy. Good practice of CSR revolves around environmental aspects and generally include self-imposed environmental objectives. We, at Magro Brothers, have several programmes currently running to support the environment.

One important initiative concerns energy saving which has the added bonus of cost saving. We were one of the first companies in Malta to install intelligent lighting systems in our factory.

Under this initiative, we hae replaced the lagging on most of our steam pipes, replaced the existing lamps with energy saving lamps and have installed a power factor corrector. We have also upgraded all diesel powered fork lifters with ones that use gas and batteries.

Energy efficiency in electricity and water consumption within business is not only a way of contributing to the environment and society but it can also significantly contribute to the competitive edge of the Maltese private sector , helping the business become more competitive both within the EU internal market as well as on the international market.

Simple energy saving initiatives like switching off unnecessary lights, computers and air conditioners are all measures undertaken with disciplined enthusiasm in both the plant and the offices.

Other contemporary measures to use renewable sources of energy include the fitting of solar panels and an annual committment of the company to plant trees in our community - as trees soak up our excess carbon dioxide and create oxygen.

Reduction of the production of waste - embracing the use of the 3 R’s

Increasing the efficiency of our production processes means that we have greatly improved and reduced our waste. Re-using, wherever possible, back-sides of scrap paper and envelopes and recycling waste into 5 separate categories has all helped reduced our wastage by over 15% annually.

Careful selection and use of packging for our products is also an issue that is constantly under check to ensure a less negative impact on the environment.

Increased recycling of water

The improvement of our draining and in-line cleaning systems has greatly reduced the amount of water we use. Our modernised methods of cleaning fruits and vegetables has also helped us to reduce water wastage. Wherever possible we also use automatic water recycling systems - this has helped reduce both our water consumption and electricity usage levels by 5%.

We have also invested in 2 large water reservoirs where we collect all the rain water from the roofs of the factory complex for recycling.

Did you know that keeping the kettle free from calcification makes water boil faster and can annually save enough electricity to make a difference in your water and electricity bills? To this end we make sure that our industrial kettles, boilers and cooking equipment is constantly in top condition.

Reduction of distances travelled

Investing in local farming communities means that we are buying more fruit and vegetables locally. This helps us travel less distances from field to fork and plough to plate, creating less carbon dioxide emissions. Vegetables are also bought in season so that our trucks are used efficiently and at maximum capacity.

We also assemble most of our tinplate cans on site, thus reducing the negative effects of transporting voluminous empty cans from neighbouring countries. This results in the reduction of over 1000 trailer-voyages annually.

Photovoltaic system

Installation of a grid-connected 365kWp photovoltaic system. This generates approximately 620,100 KWh electricity per annum. As a result of this installation which is made up of 1460 panels over an area of 3,500 square metres, the company avoids over 500,000kg of carbon dioxide emissions on an annual basis. This represents approximately 40% of the power needed for the entire factory complex.



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